Welcome to Coaching Consistency; a website designed to be a growing resource for coaches who want to help their players develop their mental skills. The website will provide a combination of lesson ideas, book reviews, breathing exercises, recommended resources, and other useful tools for coaches. Ultimately, my goal is not only to detail what skills a player should have, but also outline ways to teach those skills. I am not going to be the first person to say many of these things, and I certainly will not be the last, but I believe strongly that these ideas are worth spreading, and will have a positive impact on your athletes.

I am currently an assistant coach at Hamline University, an NCAA DIII school in Saint Paul, Minnesota. In a past life I was a high school social studies teacher. I mention this because I believe it comes through in my writing. I have written enough lesson plans to have that template cemented deeply in my brain, for better or worse. While I won’t be writing about “Mental Game Standard 2.7.6b”, I will be outlining the goals as clearly as possible. My hope for each post is that in 3-5 minutes you will be able to read about a specific skill, why it is important, and how to get started teaching it.

This is not a wholly altruistic endeavor on my part. I expect that by writing these articles, reading books to create content, and simply jotting down ideas about the mental game, I will grow as a coach as well. Best case scenario, we all get better at coaching the mental game; worst case scenario, I get better. Sounds great, right?

I do not and will not have all of the answers, but I am excited to work through many aspects of the mental game with you nonetheless. Don’t hesitate to reach out via Twitter, on the contact page, or in the comments; I’m excited to hear your input and strategies, and look forward to many discussions along the way. Let’s get to work!



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